How does this differ from waxing or electrolysis?

Waxing is only temporary. You have to do that every 2 to 4 week, forever. Electrolysis is very traumatic for the skin, it is invasive. A needle is inserted into the follicle (skin) and an electrical charge or heat, disable the hair follicle. it takes a very long time to do a body area and is very painful. Scars can form, if not done precisely. A lot of electrologists are now recognizing the advantage of laser, and are getting to training to switch over to the new technology.

Question; Can all hair colors and skin types be done?

: All skin types can be done, with our laser. We have 3 different lasers to do all skin colors, including light, tanned, Asian, dark, or African American skin. Very few laser practices can do that variety. During your free consultation, with our laser specialist, you will be evaluated for the best plan of treatment for your particular skin type. Unfortunately hairs that has no pigment in it cannot be successfully treated, such as white, blonde, grey, or red hair . If the white or grey hairs that have no pigment near the root, it can be treated. Some of these hair growths will be slowed down or permanently reduced. This will be evaluated at your consultation.

Question; There are a lot of offices doing laser now, how do I know if the place is good or not?

You have to be very careful, even a dermatology or plastic surgery office can be a poor choice. Some of the doctors are not trained properly and are usually very busy, and don’t have the time to spend doing the training or the procedure properly. They rush it, to get to the next patient in the waiting room. They sometimes let their receptionist do it, believe it or not, or a poorly trained nurse. We take our time to do it right. Our laser specialist has done hundreds of hours of training throughout the years, on lasers, and is certified by the “Light Speed” center of Florida, and the 8 0Rocky Mountain Laser College” of Denver He is a “Certified Medical Laser Specialist”. Do not go to a spa or salon, you are asking for trouble, unless they are trained from the two training centers mentioned above. Ask for credentials and patient charts with “before” and “after”pictures,of “real” patients, not “stock” photos from the laser company. They should have to least completed a 40 hour training program in laser hair removal.

Question; Are there danger or side effect?

 Ans: If done by a certified specialist, there is very little or no risk. These type lasers have-been around in the medical field for about 35 years now, with proven safety. The side effects are usually slight redness and mild swelling for about 1 to 4 hours. We have a lot of people doing the treatments on their lunch break with no "down time".



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