We are excited to now offer the latest technology in laser therapy for a variety of conditions. Also known as low level laser therapy. This is non-invasive and FDA approved procedure that uses cold laser light to penetrate the skin and soft tissue. The laser works by injecting billions of visible and invisible photons of light deep into the tissue structure, which dramatically speeds up the process of healing for sufferers of sports injuries, repetitive stress syndromes, and arthritic conditions and it cuts back the edge to smoke and over eat and could eliminate the need for drugs and surgery.

Laser Acupuncture can reduce and eliminate pain, restores normal range and motion of joints, and eliminate the needs of drugs and surgery. Treatments also help people to stop smoking, lose weight, for anxiety, depression, and stress. The laser has the ability to repair tissue. Human tissues contain naturally contain protein called chromospheres and cytochromes, which has the unique ability of being able to absorb laser energy and transform it into chemical energy, which the body utilizes to greatly accelerate the healing processes within the body, naturally.

This laser technology has been used in Europe for nearly 30 years with great success. Treatments are Drug Free, Pain Free, No Known Side-effects, or adverse reactions reported.

We recommend 6 sessions, once a week for 6 weeks.



  Fees Per 40 min Session $100.00  
  Discount Package of 6 $550.00  

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