We want you to LOOK and FEEL GREAT. Through our
non-invasive cosmetic laser treatments. We can help you
reach that goal.


Permanent Laser Hair Removal

We have multiple lasers for all skin types. Get rid of embarrassing hair and stubble on all body areas. We specialize in medium to dark skin Color.

Genesis Laser Facials :
For Wrinkle reduction around the eyes, mouth, and lips. Reduce large pores around the cheeks and nose, rejuvenates the entire face. Also some scars will be reduced. This only takes a few minutes. Non-surgical, About half the price of surgery, with the same results or better. There is no down time Gets rid of small blood vessels and red spots on nose and cheeks.

Photo Facial :
This is a non-invasive, cosmetic treatment, that gets rid of signs of aging and sun damage. This gentle stream of "pulsed light", will revitalize your appearance, giving you back that youthful look. The browns and reds will dissapear on your face, neck, chest and hands. Your skin texture will also improve. Usually 3 to 6 treatments are done. We have great package pricing.

Microdermabrasion Facials :
This procedure is also for facial rejuvenation of the skin Sometimes it is done in combination with Laser facial or Photo facial for a maximum result. It reduces fine lines, pores, helps to regenerate the top layer of skin for fresher healthier look.

Spider Vein Treatment :
Is a safe and effective way to treat unsightly and embarrassing leg and facial veins. Our new advanced laser technology can remove these unsightly vessels quickly and safely. It takes one or two sessions for just a few minutes.

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